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About Bloom and Blossom

Home Education Conference

Bloom and Blossom is a conference event that aspires to encourage and equip mothers on their educational journey with their children. The primary mission of Bloom and Blossom is to promote a love of learning in the home, to cultivate relationship, and spark wonder.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this conference for?

If you home educate in any variety, this conference is for YOU! If you attend a hybrid school, virtual school, co op, educational program, or if you home school independently, you are invited! Even if you are just considering the home education journey, this is a great place for you to glean.

What can I expect from this conference?

You can expect to get your cup filled! We as home educators are often pouring out more than we have. We wear both teacher and mama "hat" at the same time. Come revitalize with a community of mothers who are in a similar season. You can expect to feel equipped, encouraged, and inspired from our speakers, panel, and welcoming environment. We aspire for you to leave refreshed!

Is this a family event?

We know that family is the heartbeat behind home educating. However, the Bloom and Blossom conference is specifically an event that focuses on refreshing mamas. Lap babies are definitely welcome.

The Bloom and Blossom 


"I was homeschooled growing up and have never had a desire to go to a homeschooling conference. (They have a reputation of being BORING!) I went to Bloom & Blossom to support Christina. I was BLOWN away by the thought and detail Christina had gone to to make sure each and every lady that attended felt loved and seen. As a homeschool mom, this was the best thing I could have done for encouragement, motivation and knowing I was on the right path.

Ladies, if you are hesitating to come....just come!! And bring every woman you can think of that needs this kind of encouragement too!!"

Amanda R.

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